Cable Car Terminal Stations - Masada

Two terminal stations were planned and built on the Masada site, which overlooks the Dead Sea.

The cable car allows easy access to the top of the mountain which is located 300 meters above the lower station. The stations were planned in cooperation with the Swiss company "Von-Roll" that was in charge of the driving mechanism and the cars, which are able to contain 80 people each.

The upper station was built on the steep edge of the mountain. Because there was no access for heavy tools, the contractor had to excavate the mountain and lay the raft foundation by building a scaffolding system which hangs on the side of the mountain. The station is built from steel construction with a smoothed concrete platform.

Horizontal and vertical loads of the cars and transport cable are held with two anchors that are embedded into the mountain, each pre-stressed to a strength of 600 tons.

The lower station was built at the foot of the mountain. It covers an area of 1000 square meters, and is attached to the visitor's center. The building's exterior is composed of stone veneer, stucco, and wooden screens that are used for shading. These stations allow handicapped access to the top of the mountain with a pedestrian bridge that connects the upper station to the site.

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