Library, David Yellin College

Jerusalem, 1993

David Yellin College was built in the beginning of the last century. The management intended to add another floor upon the college wings and to build a new library for use by the students.

Because the old building's foundation couldn't bear new loads, especially the heavy loads of a library, an independent system of reinforced concrete columns was planned adjacent to the inside of the fa├žade of the wing. Accordingly, the foundation and the facade walls were strengthened with small diameter piles (minipiles) with concrete poured on top of them.

In order to prevent the new library from overloading the wing's roof, the bookshelves were hung from the concrete roof of the new floor, creating a look of organized hanging libraries, floating in the air.

In between the new floors of the wings, the entrance hall of the college was enlarged, and a floor was added on top of it.

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