Hazera Genetics - Berurim Site

2009 - 2013

Hazera Genetics is the new research and development center that was built in Berurim, and has become the main building of the Berurim campus.

The building is used by the administration of the research and development department of the company, the marketing department, the site management and the procurement department, and all the labs and the researchers associated with the research and development department.

The building was planned with a two-story main administration wing with curved corridors, which connects with 4 three-story wings. In the first stage only three wings will be built.

In all, the project covers an area of 5,500 square meters.

The wings are separated from the curved main building via expansion joints. The main building acts as an independent pre-stressed unit, without joints.

The ceilings of the wings are made from pre-cast pre-stressed concrete slabs. The ceiling of the main wing is poured on site.

The foundation is built of piles, and the floors are hung above the ground and insulated with polystyrene boxes as required.

The building has low ceilings, and is finished with a combination of stone veneer and stucco, with concrete and ceramic shading elements on the wings' facades.

The site includes a parking lot adjacent to the building and an entrance hall that is roofed with a pergola.

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