The Rabin Judaic Studies Campus

The Hebrew University, Mount Scopus

The campus building designed by RAHAMIMOFF Architects sprawls across an area of 9000 square meters.

The structure consists of three terraced wings, which connect to the main seven story building through the entrance hall, which rises up from the ground floor to the full height of the building.

The interior space is a sort of a light box which consists of a steel and glass structure that reveals the view to the east, and floods the building's floors with light.

The structure was built on a steep landfill, which was created from construction waste. Because of the soil quality, a retaining wall was built from deep piles and anchors that stabilized the ground and enabled digging in the site and laying of a concrete slab foundation that rests on support piles.

The retaining wall reinforces against the lateral pressure of the soil on the building. The separation between the wall and the building created a kind of service tunnel, where all the pipe systems and other infrastructure pass through, and branch off throughout the building floors.

The building is made of concrete and stone veneer with glass and steel making up the curtain wall. The building's ceilings were pre-stressed from one end to the other in order to obviate the need for expansion joints.

The wings serve as offices for researchers and lecturers. The main structure contains class rooms, a 125 seat assembly hall, and on the top floor, a terraced 250 seat auditorium. A library is located on the edge of the main building. It is covered by a dome made of copper and multi-layered wood, which rests on a radial cantilever.

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