Military Storage and Logistics base, Nahshonim

The dry supply base covers an area of 1,600,000 square meters. The base is laid out in a circle that is divided into sectors. The sectors are separated by walls, pathways and roads to the center of the camp.

The base was built in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense (COE). The base is used for long term dry storage of different types of army equipment, tools, and vehicles.

For this purpose, 220,000 square meters of storage buildings were built, mostly from reinforced concrete and partly buried in the ground. On top of them, a roof from steel space frames, concrete, or conventional steel frames that cover the large spans. The interior needed to be completely sealed from outside air and humidity and kept under precise conditions using control and measuring equipment.

The base also includes offices and residential buildings in the center of the camp, as well as pavilions, shelters, and facilities for maintenance and repair.

The project was completed in B-O-T method, by the winning contractor. 

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