School of Marine Sciences - Michmoret

Ruppin Academic Center - Phase A+B Completed

The marine sciences campus is located on a stretch of Mikhmoret beach. The campus buildings cover 12,000 square meters and designed by RAHAMIMOFF Architects. Completed phases A+B of the academic campus.

The project is divided into nine separate wings, connected by a long corridor, which form a courtyard that opens to the sea. The wings contain labs, class rooms, offices, assembly halls and an auditorium.

The buildings will be built out of bare concrete with sandy-white pigment of different shades. Therefore, the concrete walls, planned as bearing walls, were are double reinforced on the exterior side. This is meant to prevent cracking, and keep moisture from penetrating into the bare concrete and causing the reinforcing steel to rust.

The corridor will be shaded by a wooden pergola. The concrete roofs of the wings will incorporate clerestories, made out of glass and light steel to allow natural light to penetrate.

The auditorium will be made out of concrete walls in a circle, with longitudinal openings facing the sea. The building is covered with a light canopy over arches made of multi-layered wood, giving it a shell-like appearance.

The area of the auditorium is about 700 square meters and contains 300 seats, including a cantilevered balcony that hangs from the concrete walls.

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